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Titel: The secret of Monkey Island - Prision (demo)
Beitrag von: Blackmonkey am 04. August 2015, 12:33:50
The Monkey Island World ( is proud to announce the release of the italian translation/version of

The secret of Monkey Island - Prision (demo) / Le segrete di Monkey Island


This game includes the translation of dialogues, GUI and graphics, as well as the correction of some bugs.

Dezukez, RaMonkey (Argentina)
Additional AGS programming and graphics:
thanks to 'utdefault' for the rebuild of the Globalscript, the animations of my final liberation and the "END imprisoned" ( (
Translation team:
Giocherellone, utdefault ( (
Translation betatest:
utdefault ( (
Many thanks to:
The forum of ( for support had and in particular asterix777 for tips on translation.
The forum of Arena80 ( for having made its facilities available to host this game.

Italian screens:
Spoiler (hover to show)

Spanish screens:
Spoiler (hover to show)

The initial screen is to be reported, because has been made by the legendary Paco Wink!

Zitat von: Summary
We do not know how, Guybrush is finished in jail! But with the right commitment and a bit 'of talent, we can help him get out...

The translated game can be downloaded here (
Here ( you can find the full source code.

At this link ( you can find the translation thread, for requests, questions and comments.