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Titel: MMM source codes of the episodes. How to manage them?
Beitrag von: Giocherellone am 14. März 2018, 09:50:15
Hi folks! :D

I apologise for opening this discussion, and especially for opening it in English, since I do not know the German language.

In case you think that what I'm about to write is interesting for everyone, I authorize to translate the text in German for those who have difficulties with English.

Reading the forum of MMM in recent months (thanks to an online translator), I noticed that after the eventual absence of the creators of the episodes (whatever the reason), it was thought to share and make freely download the source codes of each episode published.

This is to avoid that in the future it will be impossible to update the game to the new operating systems and that it will be impossible to carry out translations in other languages.

The idea of sharing the source codes of the games makes us really happy! :D
In this way both us from MIWF and other users of goodwill, will be able to carry out improvements and translations in other languages in favor of all the fans of the world!

With the authorization of the author, we already did so with MMM-98!

As a "PR" of the MIWF, however, I noticed that some authors (even those who are not part of the MMM forum) are reluctant to share the source of their game, for the most different reasons. Here are the main reasons.

- There is a kind of "jealousy" of one's abilities (as for "copyright"?) so that other authors cannot enter the code and "steal" the skills acquired with so much study and work.
- There is the FEAR that some thieves can abuse the good faith of the game authors, and use their work for reasons (as I know...) commercial, political, social (when still the intentions are not evil), otherwise as a viaticum for personal revenges and disagreements, or even worse for negative messages, profane languages (I say no more...).

So, after talking to the other guys in the MIWF, these are our suggestions, in favor and protection of each game and of the image of each author who wants to share the source of his game in the space intended in the site of MMM.

- Each author should clearly express the consensus that in the future, whether for any translations or for eventual upgrades by other authors, the source is freely usable in the event of his absence or abandonment of the forum (So if he is still active in the MMM forum, or in any case is easily contacted, I think it is always right to ask the author permission first.).

- To put a "filter" by the admin, so that he grant access to the source ONLY behind blatant reasoned request, and only on the guarantee that every improvement will be returned to the site of MMM as protection and continuation of the will of each author, and in favor of any further future improvements.

So NO to too many restrictive rules, but YES to a filter that tends to avoid any unwanted abuse, to protect the trust placed by each author to the congregation of MMM.

Maybe showing the list of the sources availabe, but keeping hidden the section where the source codes are kept, and then release to those who request only the link to download the specific source of the game to be translated?

As for the sources that some author gave us for the Italian translation:

MMM Ostereiersuche 2010
MMM Ostereiersuche 2011

we returned to each author the "new" source code after the updates we made, so everything is in the hands of the legitimate creator.

If for any eventuality the author had lost it, we are willing to share it behind his consent.

As for MMM-95, the first "international" episode, we have not yet contacted the author (Liz) about this subject.

Before doing so, we of the MIWF would like that will be well defined the issues, that I have just written above, to protect the game and the author, and then we will try to ask her the permission so that her source code can be hosted here in the specific section of MMM.

I hope you think this is an interesting discussion.

For translators (so not just for us, the Italian ones at the Monkey Island World Forum), it certainly is.

So we await for your opinions.

Have a good day, everybody! :D
Titel: Re: MMM source codes of the episodes. How to manage them?
Beitrag von: Rocco am 15. Mai 2018, 17:54:02
I think we should offer two different ways how we can handle the sourcecodes from the developers!

1. Everyone who is willing to share the sourcecode to the public could do this and we already have a section in the download area of the mmm homepage, where this files are located ->

2. If some developers will not share the sourcecode with the public, but will provide it internally to MMM, so that we can upgrade it, keep it playable and maybe translate it at a later time, they could send us the sources just for internally storing and this sources will not be accessible freely.

And if you Giocherellone could lead the management about the sources and ask people about it and so on, this would be great.  ;D


Ich denke, wir sollten zwei verschiedene Wege anbieten, wie wir mit den Quellcodes von den Entwicklern umgehen!

1. Jeder, der bereit ist, den Quellcode für die Öffentlichkeit zu teilen, kann dies bereits tun.
Wir haben einen Folder im Download-Bereich der mmm Homepage, wo sich diese Dateien befinden ->

2. Wenn ein Entwickler den Quellcode nicht mit der Öffentlichkeit teilen, dafür aber ihn intern an MMM weitergeben wollen, damit wir ihn auf dem neusten Stand halten können, damit die Epi spielbar bleibt und ihn möglicherweise zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt übersetzen, könnte er uns die Sourcefiles nur intern weitergeben zur Aufbewahrung, ohne das diese Dateien frei zugänglich sind.

Und wenn du Giocherellone das Management über die Sourcecodes übernimmst, wäre das großartig!  ;D
Titel: Re: MMM source codes of the episodes. How to manage them?
Beitrag von: Giocherellone am 21. Mai 2018, 11:16:19
Thank you Rocco! :D

We are now working for the last touchups of the translation of TWO MMM episodes!

Then we'll think about this topic, and will let you know!
As for now we are oriented to ask the opinion of every authors of the games translated who gave us the sources for the improvements.

In case, if someone is reading this topic, what do you think about?

Till next time!
Titel: Re: MMM source codes of the episodes. How to manage them?
Beitrag von: Mister L am 24. Mai 2018, 16:56:05
Da ich nunmal die dumme Angewohnheit habe, meine einmal abgeschlossenen Episoden nie wieder anzupacken und aus den Augen zu verlieren, würde ich gerne die Rohdaten von "The Peoples Court", "Ted Edison a.t. Curse o. King RootenTooten" und "Murder at the Moonshine Mansion" der Allgemeinheit zugänglich machen.

Zumindest bei diesen 3 Spielen kann ich sagen, dass es sich tatsächlich zum die finalen Versionen handelt.

Vielleicht hilft es jemandem zu sehen, aus welch stümperhaft zusammen geschusterten Skripts ganz passable Episoden entstehen.  ;D 

Also: Wohin damit?  ;)
Titel: Re: MMM source codes of the episodes. How to manage them?
Beitrag von: Rocco am 24. Mai 2018, 17:27:27
wow cool, das heisst die Sourcefiles werden frei zugänglich für alle und nicht nur für MMM intern?

Das einfachste wäre du ladest sie gleich selber hoch in den Ordner - /res-source
Zugangsdaten für den FTP hast du ja.  ;D

PS: ach ja und Epi 1 reloaded kannst du mir einfach per email schicken!  ;)