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Titel: New comic!
Beitrag von: pulporila am 17. April 2021, 04:13:11
Hello! I'm sorry I don't speak German. My native language is Spanish, so bear with me a little, yeah?
I did this in remembrance of day after day of the tentacle, and in honor to this page. You guys did an awesome job, and is making me want to learn the language just to enjoy it!



Stay safe!
Titel: Re: New comic!
Beitrag von: Bòógieman am 17. April 2021, 08:26:00
nice comic  O0
welcome to the forum by the way!  ;D

don't worry about your German, you can use Google Translate or whatever to read our German posts
and writing in English is perfectly fine, I guess everyone here speaks English or is able to use a translation tool  ;)