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Themen - Giocherellone

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Fan-Games & Freegames / The Caponians
« am: 27. September 2018, 09:25:00 »
Good morning, guys! :D

Yes, I'm talking to you, Zak McKraken fans!  ;)

Remember when I told you that Daniele82, Zak's big fan, was working on a FANFILM to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mythical Zak?

Well, now the fanfilm is READY8)

But that's not enough!  :o

For the occasion he also made for us fans ANOTHER little surprise!  ;)


You're greedy and curious, aren't you? So, jump in and download this one too!



Hello friends! :D

Recently one of my crazy ideas from FAN came to my mind!

Would it be feasible to propose, to the authors of old AGS fangames, which have remained freezed, a collaboration in order to complete those projects?

As a fan, reading the various themed forums in the past years, I noticed that the main problem that caused the abandonment of those projects is always the same: the lack of time, caused mainly by the fact of being alone (or being left alone) in front of a task that involves an important commitment.

And to think that, of almost all those works, a SIGNIFICANT percentage of work had already been done, and it's really a pity that everything remains abandoned.

Unfortunately in Italy, particularly in the Monkey Island World Forum, there are no experts in AGS, or graphics, who could propose themselves to develop this idea, and so I thought of you ...

But surely we wouldn't wash our hands of it!
My idea is to interact as a PR to "sew" the relationship between the specific author and those who will be pleased to accept this idea of mine.
And of course, once the work is done, we will upgrade the Italian translation and the possibility for other languages translation, too, for a multilingual result!

Which fangames am I talking about?
Well, there are several of them, but to begin with, just to make your mouths water, there are some very interesting, born just from German authors:

- The secret of Mount Monkey (known even as "Lorraine Threepwood and the curse of Tafkasomm")
Author: "SeBel" - (Sebastian Beloch) known even as "SkyHawk"

- Maniac Mansion: The new saga
Author: Rubacant

- Der atem der Götter (known even as "The breath of the Gods")
Author: Creedy (Matthias Prinz)

- Indiana Jones and the The crown of Solomon (known even as "Indiana Jones and the last crusade 2")
Author: CJ Entertainment (Carl-Johan Hagberg "Calle" & Jed Limke)

Yes, I know... Sounds crazy!
But, as a FAN, I had to try, right?
Let me know what you think, and if you feel that it is possible.

A big hug.

Paolo "Giocherellone" ;)

Fan-Games & Freegames / Broom Alien
« am: 31. August 2018, 09:23:05 »
Good morning, boys!

Are you also Zak Mckraken FANS? ;)

Remember the alien broom on Mars?

Well, then you are in the right place, because today there is something for you! ;D

"Daniele82" is a big Italian fan of Zak, so much so that he is working on a FAN-FILM to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the mythical Zak!

But that's not enough! For the occasion has also made for us fans a little surprise!


Where is this little gem? Here it is for you!

A good fun to you for a few minutes of serene relaxation!

Till next time! ;)

Hi folks! :D

I apologise for opening this discussion, and especially for opening it in English, since I do not know the German language.

In case you think that what I'm about to write is interesting for everyone, I authorize to translate the text in German for those who have difficulties with English.

Reading the forum of MMM in recent months (thanks to an online translator), I noticed that after the eventual absence of the creators of the episodes (whatever the reason), it was thought to share and make freely download the source codes of each episode published.

This is to avoid that in the future it will be impossible to update the game to the new operating systems and that it will be impossible to carry out translations in other languages.

The idea of sharing the source codes of the games makes us really happy! :D
In this way both us from MIWF and other users of goodwill, will be able to carry out improvements and translations in other languages in favor of all the fans of the world!

With the authorization of the author, we already did so with MMM-98!

As a "PR" of the MIWF, however, I noticed that some authors (even those who are not part of the MMM forum) are reluctant to share the source of their game, for the most different reasons. Here are the main reasons.

- There is a kind of "jealousy" of one's abilities (as for "copyright"?) so that other authors cannot enter the code and "steal" the skills acquired with so much study and work.
- There is the FEAR that some thieves can abuse the good faith of the game authors, and use their work for reasons (as I know...) commercial, political, social (when still the intentions are not evil), otherwise as a viaticum for personal revenges and disagreements, or even worse for negative messages, profane languages (I say no more...).

So, after talking to the other guys in the MIWF, these are our suggestions, in favor and protection of each game and of the image of each author who wants to share the source of his game in the space intended in the site of MMM.

- Each author should clearly express the consensus that in the future, whether for any translations or for eventual upgrades by other authors, the source is freely usable in the event of his absence or abandonment of the forum (So if he is still active in the MMM forum, or in any case is easily contacted, I think it is always right to ask the author permission first.).

- To put a "filter" by the admin, so that he grant access to the source ONLY behind blatant reasoned request, and only on the guarantee that every improvement will be returned to the site of MMM as protection and continuation of the will of each author, and in favor of any further future improvements.

So NO to too many restrictive rules, but YES to a filter that tends to avoid any unwanted abuse, to protect the trust placed by each author to the congregation of MMM.

Maybe showing the list of the sources availabe, but keeping hidden the section where the source codes are kept, and then release to those who request only the link to download the specific source of the game to be translated?

As for the sources that some author gave us for the Italian translation:

MMM Ostereiersuche 2010
MMM Ostereiersuche 2011

we returned to each author the "new" source code after the updates we made, so everything is in the hands of the legitimate creator.

If for any eventuality the author had lost it, we are willing to share it behind his consent.

As for MMM-95, the first "international" episode, we have not yet contacted the author (Liz) about this subject.

Before doing so, we of the MIWF would like that will be well defined the issues, that I have just written above, to protect the game and the author, and then we will try to ask her the permission so that her source code can be hosted here in the specific section of MMM.

I hope you think this is an interesting discussion.

For translators (so not just for us, the Italian ones at the Monkey Island World Forum), it certainly is.

So we await for your opinions.

Have a good day, everybody! :D

Fan-Games & Freegames / Indiana Jones and the gold of Genghis Khan
« am: 08. Januar 2015, 12:11:51 »
Hello, guys! :D

This morning I am pleased to present you an Italian project all related to our friend Indy!

Indiana Jones and the gold of Genghis Khan

Here the Italian link:

But it has been presented even on the pages of the AGS forum:

It is an adventure that chronologically follows the events of the movie and the game "The Last Crusade", and it reproposes atmospheres and graphics ... well: mouth-watering! YUM!

The author is called "Gabarts", is full of resources and interests, and after the release of a first mini-demo, he wanted to find the time to continue this project (to my delight)!

In the page indicated above there is also the link to download the entire first chapter of the game!  Both in Italian and in English, to the delight of international fans!

Enjoy! :D

Fan-Games & Freegames / Monkey Island 1/2 - Monkey Island... e mezzo!
« am: 13. Februar 2014, 11:28:55 »
Hi friends! :D

As I mentioned yesterday, at the moment there are two the projects "healed" born in Germany, and this is the second.

Sifting through the dusty archives of the site TentakelVilla (you know it, right?), always looking for some fangame for my collection, I found this weird thing...

What's this? It 'a mysterious game in AGS, entitled "Monkey Island 1/2", and is still downloadable from here:

On the web you will find absolutely no trace of this project.

Probably because the author has made ​​this his trial demo, and before making it official was waiting for other collaborations to complete the game.

Unfortunately the author is then literally disappeared! And this project has been abandoned.

How much is available in the download file, includes both the game compiled and the source code, but... it is full of bugs!

Wandering in the source files, I discovered that the author is a certain Sascha Diedrich, but even so I was not able to track him down to ask him for permission to restore his game.

Some of you know him? I'd like to contact him personally. I hope that will please our result.

Thanks to the talent of AprilSkies (who had to sweat just to rearrange all this tangle), here to you "Monkey Island... e mezzo!".

To enjoy this little demo in German language, simply set the file winsetup.exe as "default language".

The screens who have been replaced, are the one of the title and the final one, with the words "the end" at the end of the demo.

What can I say? Too bad it's been abandoned. This idea had some great potential!

If you notice, it is also an attempt to explain why Guybrush had suddenly developed this strange allergy to porcelain!

And with that, at least for the moment, that's all!

Do you know any other fangame in AGS, forgotten or unknown, which could be recovered?

As fans, we would like to continue these projects and share them with other fans.

If it were possible to contact the authors, and maybe even have the source code, to work with AGS, it would be even better!

Thank you all and enjoy!

Ciao ciao from Italy! :D

Fan-Games & Freegames / Zak-256
« am: 12. Februar 2014, 10:37:51 »
Hi friends! :D

Surely by now you know me, and you know that I am a fan of the fangames about the games by LucasArts.

What you don't know, is that lately came to my mind to "recover" some old amateur creations, which no one knows or remembers, to translate them into Italian language and make it accessible to the fans of my Country.

I was very lucky, in fact I was greeted in the Italian Forum "Arena80", where were put at my disposal areas and skills in AGS, in order to succeed in these my projects.

I must therefore thank all the "Arena80" Forum, and especially AprilSkies, which is really GREAT with AGS!

Two of the three games that we currently have "recovered" are of German origins.

So I thought of making available to you, too, friends of Germany, these "recovered" almost unknown fangames!

I hope you will please!

The first of these two games is this "Zak-256." What's this?

Unfortunately there is almost nothing left of the history of this project. All that remains is here:

The author is called Yot (Felix Jakschitsch), and unfortunately is no longer with us.

I hope that this job is at least a tribute and a "thank you" to him.

He had in mind to remake the game "Zak McKraken", which at the time (2000-2001) was still only in EGA 16 colors version.

The idea was to use the graphical version of the Japanese FM-TOWNS, and since the first results were spectacular, has seen fit to make this unusual "Zak-2": a small demonstration of the potential of his project.

After that he joined the team of SCUMMVM together to finish the remake of Zak, and so this kind of "Zak-2" has been abandoned as well.

Of course, some screens have been translated into Italian, but I also left the original versions in German and in English (but they work only using a DOS emulator).

(the original German screen)

You can select the German language, setting AGS as "language default" from winsetup.exe.

Have fun with this Zak-256 project!


International Board / ... Hosting your fangames elsewhere?
« am: 19. November 2010, 09:05:44 »
Hello guys!

I introduce myself. I'm an Italian fan of the LucasArts adventures, and of all the related fangames, too!

How do you do?

Excuse me: I don't know German language (and I'm not so good even in English...).

In the last years I tried to collect all the LucasArts fangames ever realized from all the world (you know: I'm a FAN!).

To this end, I registered myself in many forums and I asked to authors and fans to send me what is no longer available on the internet (my nickname is "Giocherellone"). Maybe some of you noticed me on some forums.

In this way I managed to collect A LOT of games (even if not all, and my search is still going on), and recently someone of the LucasForums noticed me. (It is not advertising!)

This person told me that the LucasForums plans to set up a special section for fangames, and asked for my help!

As you can imagine, I am very flattered!

The fangames are free, and all free to download from the internet, so in general I think I can upload them what I have with no problems.

As for you of the MMM forum, though, I thought it was more appropriate to first ask 'permission', and ask you what do you think about.

If you agree, I can upload your fangames, so that these will be hosted in the future section of the LucasForums.

To show these games, they need a brief description. Usually this will be done by me.

But if you, fangames authors, would like to write it personally, there are no problems!

If you do not consider appropriate that your fangames are hosted in other forums, you have full right and there will not be problems.

Indeed I hope however I can count on your cooperation to continue my collection!  :-)

I wait to know what you think and your comments.

Ciao ciao from Italy!


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