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Summerbatch Bundle (Indie - Adventure Bundle)
« am: 14. August 2012, 12:10:37 »

Das Summerbatchbundle beinhaltet 5 Games, vorwiegend Point 'n Click Adventures und ist ein "echtes" IndieBundle.
Mindestpreis sind 50pence, ansonsten gilt Pay-what-you-want. Das Ganze ist unter obiger URL zu beziehen.

Hier die Games im Überblick:

PISS von Ben Chandler (Ben304)
Spielzeit: 2-3 Stunden Sprache: Englisch Genre: Adventure

Moira is tired. The nightmares won't go away no matter how much she drinks, and she has drank enough that she can't even remember why they started anymore (oooh). On top of this, one of her clients has died before he settled his account (on purpose).

She may have forgotten everything else, but she's not about to forget this. The debt will be collected, even if it kills her... There are, however, those who remember that which she does not, and they're about to remind her.

Sometimes the things that wake us up sweating and terrified are more real than we thought (oooh again).

... marvelous writing, intriguing world and unique characters. So much imagination has been poured into this game! I finished it yesterday but I'll definitely have a second go after I've finished the other games in the batch. Then I will try to really exhaust all of the dialogues and make different choices. I got some serious Planescape Torment vibes from PISS,....

Barely Floating von AJA
Spielzeit: 2-3 Stunden Sprache: Englisch Genre: Adventure

Somewhere along the east coast of Africa, pirates have attacked a luxury yacht! They have taken a few seemingly wealthy passengers as their hostages, a family and an old man, hoping to collect a hefty ransom for each of them. When the hostage negotiations go awry, the rescue duties land on the weak shoulders of an unlikely hero. Little does he know that the ship's crew, that stands in his way, is composed of some very weird and silly individuals.

..The game itself is impressively big(took me about 3 hours to beat) with great and diverse puzzles, nice modern visuals and funny writing - great job! I also really liked the enchanced dialogue system and the chat segment (when sending a distress signal)....

Nancy the happy Whore von Technocrat
Spielzeit: 1-2 Stunden Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch Genre: Adventure

Nancy, the titular sex-worker with an unshakeably optimistic attitude, runs out of fuel on her way to the Big City. With the help of her best friend & crack-fiend Susie, she must not only procure the petroleum for her car, but help defeat an armed robbery, a disillusioned amateur hippy and THE PROPHETS themselves to help uncover the evil lurking within - the PERFIDIOUS PETROL STATION!

... I've especially enjoyed: Nancy the Happy Whore, which plays exactly like a good old adventure of yore, but with more sensible (yet still delightfully wacky) puzzles and more sreamlined gameplay. I really liked the humour and the general fun and carefree feel, and it's great that it's a really sweet and warm game, despite the seemingly racy subject matter...

PATCHWORK von Ilyich
Spielzeit: 1-2 Stunden Sprache: Englisch Genre: Adventure

After a teleportation experiment goes wrong, a young scientist finds himself, and a good part of his laboratory, in someone else's house. In a parallel universe.

A simple two-click interface, hand-painted backgrounds and two playable characters will keep you company as you discover Patchwork!

... What a lovely little game with an interesting premise! The art has to be among my favorite I've ever seen in an adventure game -- the characters, the portraits, the backgrounds, everything. Gameplay was excellent too, for the most part....

Jailbreak von mir
Spielzeit: 1 Stunde Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch Genre: Stealth Game

This Story is located in the City of Thieves. A City where several Burglarsyndicates are figthing for supremacy.
You control the fate of Shaun Alvarez. A desperate man who has often bad luck and bet on the wrong horse. But not this time,
this time things get much worsed by its own. Shaun is wanted by police, and he is completly innocent, or isn't he?

...very impressed with the detection mode, and had fun running round the jail like a nutter with guards chasing me....

Sind also echte Hochkaräter dabei, Ben304, AJA und Technocrat sind ja für ihre grossartigen Adventures bekannt, aber auch Patchwork von Ilyich ist ein echtes Highlight.

Ehrlich gesagt passt mein Game da nicht unbedingt dazu, trotzdem bin ich natürlich extrem froh in diesem Bundle dabei sein zu dürfen, auch wenn ich ehrlicherweise sagen muss, dass Jailbreak hier bestenfalls das 5te Rad am Wagen ist. Aber nach der vielen Arbeit (ca. 450 - 500 Arbeitsstunden in den letzen 3-4 Monaten) ist es echt ein tolles Gefühl, zu beobachten wie das Feedback ist und wieviele Leute sich dieses Bundle holen.   ;D