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English / Re: Questions or suggestions about the game?
« am: 10. Mai 2013, 03:53:58 »
Hey guys

1st of all, i really want to say that i'm a big fan of your work since the first day i saw a picture of it, more than 2 years ago ! Keep it on !

I was very happy to see your last update on your website, which means that the project is still on. All the work you did, all the sprites or landscapes you made are so close from dott, i am very impressed, I hope someday, I (and the world) will be able to play to that, the "new reference" for the MM remake :-P

I hope you'll see my message, wish you good luck and I hope you will post a little bit more of pics on the blog :-)

(do you have any idea about the progress of the work in % ? I know it'd be very difficult to guess ^^)

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