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Autor Thema: I'm thinking of translating MMM episode 4 into English...  (Gelesen 5277 mal)

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You know... where everyone speaks in rhyme and for some reason Uwe Boll is in the game?

But I don't think I know that much German... can anyone provide a rough German-to-English translation of the game's dialogue?

When are more people going to sign this petition...?


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Re: I'm thinking of translating MMM episode 4 into English...
« Antwort #1 am: 25. März 2009, 21:10:31 »
before you start, you need to contact the game author (dasJan)
when I remember correctly, dasJan left the MMM-community a long time ago  :-\
but he is the only one who has the game sources, and without them it is not possible to make a translation
you can try to reach him in this forum
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