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Where did Sam go?
« am: 22. Dezember 2017, 20:17:57 »
The Monkey Island World is proud to announce the (re)release of

This game includes english and italian subtitles, GUI and graphics, as well as the correction of some bugs.

Author: White Hawk Entertainment (Peder Johnsen)
Additional AGS programming: utdefault (MIWorld)
Beta Test: utdefault
Italian translation: Giocherellone, maialonzo, utdefault (MIWorld)

Zitat von: Summary
Sam&Max are on a mission: some "weird" phenomena are happening in a seemingly uninhabited house. While Max waits in the car, Sam enters the house and...

The idea of this game comes from the imagination of a fan of LucasArts sagas! Consequently, the characters can only be the heroes of these adventures.

Zitat von: Tips
If you have problems playing the game in fullscreen mode, try choosing directdraw 9 + max filter in winsetup.exe.
Otherwise, you can try try different settings for Graphic Driver and Graphic Filter (the best combination should be "DirectDraw5 and Max Nearest-neghbour Filter", but you can try others based on your PC); moreover, you must uncheck "Side borders on widescreen monitors"

The game can be downloaded qui.
The source code is qui.

At this link you can find the italian translation thread (but we can also read english!), for requests, questions and comments.

Thank you all for the enthusiasm with which you support us: it gives us the right spirit and thus allows us to continue to pursue these fantastic projects!

Have fun and happy holidays!

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