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Nachrichten - Giocherellone

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Trash Episoden / Re: DOMM - Day of Maniac Mansion
« am: 16. März 2021, 08:25:38 »

Hi Bernhart wie n Rocker! ;)

I'm so happy that old page I realized years ago with Gabex in Mix and Mojo is ever useful! :D

Congratulations and THANK YOU on the realisation of the German translation, in the name of all fans!

Perhaps you (or anyone else) know the author, or know how to track him down?

It would be great to have the permission and the source code to implement the Italian translation as well, fix all the bugs, update it for the latest operating systems, and maybe prepare it for further translations into other languages! :D

Let me know in case, OK?

Greetings from Italy! ;)

International Board / Re: Russian translation
« am: 07. Januar 2021, 09:19:41 »
Hi boys! :D

Just for the sake of completeness and accuracy,  and to avoid future misunderstandings.

The Russian translation of this episode has been implemented and made fully functional in the new multilanguage version of MMM-01, during the rebuilding of the source code and the implementation of the Italian translation.

Enjoy! ;)

Episoden / Re: Episode: 97 - Tollhaus-Weihnachten
« am: 25. Dezember 2019, 11:34:24 »
The Monkey Island World is pleased to announce the publication of the Italian translation/version of

Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 97 - Tollhaus-Weihnachten
Un Mattaugurale Natale nella Mattalizia Magione

Original title: Tollhaus-Weihnachten
Authors: Fatal hoch zwei, alias Fatal B & Fatal M (Maniac Mansion Mania)
Italian translation: Giocherellone, utdefault (Monkey Island World)
Graphics: Blackmonkey (Monkey Island World)
Betatest: utdefault (Monkey Island World)




Zitat von: Summary
It's Christmas. Peace and quiet surround the villa of the Edison, now covered in snow. The tree is decorated, the Gifts are wrapped, Edna's cooking dinner in the kitchen, Fred... reads the newspaper from the comfort of his armchair and Ed listens to the Christmas stories on the radio.

Just another Christmas. Or maybe not...

What's Ted doing up on the roof, because the Christmas mail scares the hell out of the... Dr. Fred and how come presents always disappear on the morning of Christmas?

Zitat von: Features
  • three playable characters
  • about 100 actions in play
  • a pile of snow
  • a lot of animations

Zitat von: Notes
if the snow does not flake in the intro, exclude from the control of pc prevention software dll libraries included in the folder of play.

Zitat von: In-game note
CONTAINS SPOILER (under Spoiler-in game)!!!
For technical reasons, at a given time of play, the label of the gui proposes - but only verbatim - a different action than the to the conditioned event. The action is correctly performed according to the regular condition, even if the label will show verbatim a different action.

When the lead character is in the closet (the one in front of the pool) and wants to wear a overcoat, in this case the label will propose "Remove" instead of "Wear." The coat will be worn regularly, even though the label will instruct you to take it off.
The bug, of a purely textual nature, will only appear in that "room" is only at that particular time and event. In the game, so, we can proceed normally.

The translated game can be downloaded here, while the source files complete can be found here.

Thank you all for the enthusiasm with which you support us: it gives us the right spirit and therefore allows us to continue to carry on these fantastic projects! 

And what better episode to do that?   

Best wishes to everyone for happy Holidays, and for a playful and funny 2020! 

Hi Cone! :D

If Candy's character really can be interesting to you, you may not need to recreate the graphics!
What you see on MMM-98 is what has been modified by Tutensuppe to fit DoTT graphics.

I could try to find at home if I find the original sprites of Candy "version Maniac Mansion"!
Let me know if you are interested!


Good morning, guys. :D

From what I understand thanks to an online translator, you need female characters to use in this episode of Halloween.
How about Candy, Reuben's sister (Hoagie's cousin) from MMM-98?

Here to you a screenshot!

Can this be a useful hint?


Hi guys! :D

Another game who can be "resurrected" is this:

- Picaroon - The Lost Years

Recently, an unpublished demo of this game has been found, and who knows if it's a stimulus to consider it again?

Enjoy! ;)

Episoden in Entwicklung - Ideendatenbank / Re: Episode 100
« am: 11. März 2019, 08:32:25 »
Good morning, guys. :D

Someone is "misinterpreting" the absence of news for the next MMM-100:

What do you think? Could you officially reassure all the fans, and still warn them that there are several episodes waiting, just to give space to the celebratory 100° episode?


Thank you very much, Cmdr. ;D

I've already warned the author!

I'll keep you up to date with any news about it!

Hi boys!  ;)

Daniele82 sent me the text of his German translation of his fangame!

Please, may you check if it is OK?

Here it is:

Thank you in advantage! ;-)

Episoden / Re: Episode 25 - Bernard stört v3.0
« am: 25. Januar 2019, 16:27:57 »

THANK YOU Bòógieman! ;)

YUPPIE!!!  :)

Episoden / Re: Episode 25 - Bernard stört v3.0
« am: 25. Januar 2019, 08:23:35 »
Thank you for the news, Rayman…

I'm still trying to find that 3.0 release.

In case I'll be lucky, I'll notice here everyone to upgrade the game.

Wish me luck! ;)

Episoden / Re: Episode 25 - Bernard stört v3.0
« am: 22. Januar 2019, 08:23:44 »
Hi everyone! :D

I noticed that in the MMM site there is the download for this game, but there is the release 2.33!

Since the link in this thread does not work, does anyone still have this 3.0 version to link me, please?

Thank you in advance! ;)

GREAT NEWS, Sebel! :D :D :D

You make happy me and all the fans! ;)

Good luck for the goal!

For that very little I could help you, let me know, okay?

Till next time!  8)

Good morning, everyone! :D

If you think it's useful, I recently reviewed this project on the Monkey Island Wold forum, and I uploaded all versions of the game I own (including videos of "The curse of Tafkasomm").

It is in Italian language, but with an online translator everything will be understandable.
Indeed, report any inaccuracies, which I will immediately correct them.

Have fun! ;)

Hi Sebel and everyone! :D

Years ago I downloaded the LAST release of you game. Take a look here:

It was 20 june 2011!  :o

It was released with AGS 2.70.864, so it was not so difficult for me (from AGS 3.0.0 and on I am no more able to do a thing, sigh...).
So I was able to extract the TRS file, to made a first provvisional translation in Italian language (for my use as FAN :D ) and to recompile it, even without the source!
And it WORKS! ^_^ At the time there were not all the difficultises there are now in the possibilities to implement other languages!

It's a pity that it stucks in the middle of chapter 2 (maybe a bug?), soon after the entry in the Simon's cave.

However, I REALLY hope this project can go on!
Good luck from me and from all the FANS!
If you think I can do other to achieve this goal, feel free to ask!

Till next time!


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