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Fan-Games & Freegames / Alice in Maniacland
« am: 27. Oktober 2021, 23:36:12 »
The Monkey Island World is pleased to announce the (re)release of

Alice in Maniacland
Languages: English, Italian, Spanish
Author: DogRat (AGS forum)
Spanish translation: DogRat
Italian translation: utdefault, Giocherellone (Monkey Island World)

Zitat von: summary
Alice sees a Purple Tentacle running hurriedly towards a hollow tree where he disappears through a passage. Intrigued by its babbling in the heat of the race about a certain "Dr. Fred", she too slips into the hollow of the tree and...

Zitat von: trivia
This minigame was made for MAGS January 2019: "Crossover".

Beware! ! ! This game has THREE DIFFERENT ENDINGS: will tou be able to found and solve all of them?

The translated game can be downloaded here, while at this link you can find the full source code.

Moreover, here is our thread to talk about the translation and ask for help, if needed.

The Monkey Island World is pleased to present the Russian&Italian translations of ye olde

Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 1

Author: LucasFan

English title: Sibling Love
English translation: Jason Harang

Italian title: Amore Fraterno
Italian translation: Pippo Calogero, Blackmonkey, utdefault (Monkey Island World)
Betatest: utdefault

Russian translation: Sledgy (AGS forum)
Betatest & Russian GUI+Fonts: Uka, Alex ASP (

Source code rebuilding: utdefault
Technical tips: Pippo Calogero (Monkey Island World) - Crimson Wizard, Sledgy (AGS forum) - Uka, Alex ASP (

Spoiler (hover to show)

Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a first step. Every saga series has a beginning...
(Too much?)

Zitat von: Summary
This first episode shows us Bernard's house for the first time and introduces the character of Britney Bernoully, his sister, and their idyllic "sibling love" relationship!

Zitat von: Tribute
It's with great satisfaction that we present the first Maniac Mansion Mania episode, the one that gave way to all subsequent episodes and many beautiful international collaborations. The original source code was lost, so it has been meticulously rebuilt, just in time to make a nice gift for the upcoming holidays! Best wishes to all the fans!

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Monkey Island World Forum!

Episoden / Re: Episode: 97 - Tollhaus-Weihnachten
« am: 01. Januar 2020, 18:22:49 »
"Windows 2000, XP, ME, 98, 95 or lower: Sorry, but AGS no longer runs on these versions of Windows. Please upgrade to Vista or later!"

This is probably the bug.
Yeah, that's it. So it's not a bug  :)
Sorry, we missed that point.

Episoden / Re: Episode: 97 - Tollhaus-Weihnachten
« am: 26. Dezember 2019, 19:43:00 »
The translated game can be downloaded here, while the source files complete can be found here.

Fix: The translated game can be downloaded here], while the source files complete can be found here.

These are temporary links, since there seems to be a bug in the exe currently hosted here on MMM (we've already contacted the Fatal(s)).

Episoden / Episode 37 - Verabredung mit Dave - now DEU/ITA!
« am: 16. Dezember 2019, 20:35:32 »
Here is a new translation, from the Monkey Island World Forum! Thanks Rulaman and all the MMM forum for your support!

Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 37
Verabredung mit Dave/Appuntamento con Dave

Author: Rulaman
Translation: Giocherellone, utdefault (Monkey Island World)
Betatest: utdefault (Monkey Island World)

Episoden / Re: Episode 98 - Maniac Apartment - Hoagie's Cousin
« am: 22. Februar 2018, 23:07:31 »
Can you tell us why this epi is so short? You only need 15 or 16 actions to finish the epi.
The episode is basically identical to its "stand-alone" version (Maniac Apartment). Our intent was just to adapt it to the MMM continuity.
The only differences, as for the plot, are Reuben being late for work (in the original game he was just stuck in his house) and him working with Jeff (we needed a MM character's appearance).

And waht i want to konow is why does Reuben throw the key through the window. There is no explanation in the game.
I don't know... maybe he was drunk  ;D This could be the subject for another episodes: Hoagie's Cousin - The Prequel  ;)

Episoden / Episode 98 - Maniac Apartment - Hoagie's Cousin
« am: 14. Februar 2018, 22:35:53 »
The Monkey Island World is proud to announce the release of

Maniac Mansion Mania - Episode 98
Maniac Apartment - Hoagie's Cousin

Reuben, der Cousin von Hoagie ist Pizzalieferant in Jeffs Pizzeria und muss zur Arbeit. Leider hat Candy die Apartment Tür zugesperrt, als sie zum einkaufen gegangen ist. Und natürlich hat Reuben keinen Schlüssel, weil er ihn aus dem Fenster geworfen hat..... Es hilft alles nichts wir müssen ihm helfen!

Author: Viktor Höchtl
Additional AGS programming: utdefault (Monkey Island World)
Additional graphics: utdefault (Monkey Island World), Tütensuppe (Maniac Mansion Mania forum)
Italian translation: Giocherellone, utdefault (Monkey Island World)
German translation: Kinkilla (Maniac Mansion Mania forum)
Spanish translation: Cireja (AbandonSocios forum)
Betatest: utdefault (Monkey Island World)
Thanks to: Paul Giaccone (AGS forum) for the help with slang.

Maniac Apartment is the second "international" Maniac Mansion Mania episode, after 'Britney's Escape'. This episode, in fact, was born as a "stand-alone" fangame too before becoming part of the MMM series.

Zitat von: Plot
Reuben is Hoagie's cousin, and is late for work. He's in a hurry, but he's locked in his own house!

Zitat von: Fun facts
'Maniac Apartment - Hoagie's Cousin' originally was born as a stand-alone fangame, outside the German community, under the name of Maniac Apartment.
Some time ago the MIWF (Italy) released a revised version of it, including a few fixes.
Today, thanks to the collaboration between the author (Slovenia), the MIWF (Italy) and the MMM forum (Germany) the game can be included in the Maniac Mansion Mania continuity.

In this game:
  • two characters, Reuben and his sister Candy, are introduced in the MMM series; both of them are Hoagie's cousins!
  • Reuben and Candy are in Day of the Tentacle style graphics!

... in addition, there are a couple of easter eggs (one of them really difficult to find)!

Zitat von: Notes
To play the game in fullscreen mode try one of following in Winsetup:
  • Direct3D 9 Driver, Native game resolution Mode, Max round multiplier Scaling, Nearest-neighbour Filter;
  • DirectDraw 5 Driver, Native game resolution Mode, Max round multiplier Scaling, Nearest-neighbour Filter;
  • Desktop resolution Mode, check Dowgrade 32-bit graphics to 16 bit in Advanced tab;

The game can be downloaded here (well, you probably already knew that, right?  ;)), while the source can be found here.

Zitat von: Notes - Part II
With the consent of the author, and thanks to the support of the MMM host, MIWF Italia makes the game source code available and freely usable, so that anyone can make any improvements where deemed necessary.

Any new versions of the episode will be hosted on the MMM forum.

The graphics of characters and locations are also available, to be freely used for future episodes by other authors.

Advices, questions and opinions, for improvements or anything else, should be discussed on MMM forum or MIWF forum, in case additional information are needed.

Have fun, everybody!

Fan-Games & Freegames / Where did Sam go?
« am: 22. Dezember 2017, 20:17:57 »
The Monkey Island World is proud to announce the (re)release of

This game includes english and italian subtitles, GUI and graphics, as well as the correction of some bugs.

Author: White Hawk Entertainment (Peder Johnsen)
Additional AGS programming: utdefault (MIWorld)
Beta Test: utdefault
Italian translation: Giocherellone, maialonzo, utdefault (MIWorld)

Zitat von: Summary
Sam&Max are on a mission: some "weird" phenomena are happening in a seemingly uninhabited house. While Max waits in the car, Sam enters the house and...

The idea of this game comes from the imagination of a fan of LucasArts sagas! Consequently, the characters can only be the heroes of these adventures.

Zitat von: Tips
If you have problems playing the game in fullscreen mode, try choosing directdraw 9 + max filter in winsetup.exe.
Otherwise, you can try try different settings for Graphic Driver and Graphic Filter (the best combination should be "DirectDraw5 and Max Nearest-neghbour Filter", but you can try others based on your PC); moreover, you must uncheck "Side borders on widescreen monitors"

The game can be downloaded qui.
The source code is qui.

At this link you can find the italian translation thread (but we can also read english!), for requests, questions and comments.

Thank you all for the enthusiasm with which you support us: it gives us the right spirit and thus allows us to continue to pursue these fantastic projects!

Have fun and happy holidays!

Specials / Re: Ostereiersuche 2011
« am: 14. April 2017, 11:02:53 »
Hello everybody (again)!
As I said in the Ostereiersuche 2010 topic, the Monkey Island World Forum has just finished the translation of these two episodes.
Thanks again to Rulaman and to our translator team, utdefault and Giocherellone!

Happy easter!

Specials / Re: Ostereiersuche 2010
« am: 14. April 2017, 11:00:02 »
Hello everybody!
The Monkey Island World is happy to announce the newly translated episode (including a few bugfixes), along with Ostereiersuche 2011.
Thanks to Rulaman and to our translator team, utdefault and Giocherellone!

Happy easter!

Episoden / Re: Episode 95: Britney's Escape (Resurrected from the dead!)
« am: 21. September 2016, 00:40:33 »
Ok, thanks for the correction.

Is there anyone who would like to help us by reading and correcting the German translation?

Episoden / Re: Episode 95: Britney's Escape (Resurrected from the dead!)
« am: 19. September 2016, 23:42:19 »
The bugs have now been fixed. New files have been submitted to Rocco.

There's also one new line of text, when Britney uses her hair with the open window, similar to the one used for the sheets:
(eng) But the hair isn't long enough.
(ita) Ma i capelli non sono lunghi abbastanza.
(deu) Aber das Haare ist nicht lang genug.

Also, there is no "Britney hotspot" anymore. Now Britney can use stuff on herself by means of an icon in the top right corner.

Episoden / Re: Episode 95: Britney's Escape (Resurrected from the dead!)
« am: 18. September 2016, 10:34:57 »
Thanks for the bug report!
We're currently working on fixing them.

Episoden / Re: Episode ??: Britney's Escape (Resurrected from the dead!)
« am: 02. September 2016, 08:19:00 »
The last (and hopefully final) version of Britney's Escape has been delivered to Rocco  8)
Thanks to JPS for the German translation!

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